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Corona creating opposites


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist

With stress comes polarity and extremes

The stress that is going on is creating opposites of each person’s personalities and manifesting the opposite.

Why? So that we may learn to love those parts of ourselves that we have yet to recognize and embrace with a whole heart.

So for example.

There are those who dont get a chance to spend time with their families and have the fantasy of spending time with them are given the opportunity to spend more time with their families.

This will level off as they find that SO MUCH time in enclosed space will get on their nerves.

Yet those who spend alot of time with their families and want to escape are being forced to spend more time as they are creating that nightmare.

This will level off as they try to find time apart yet later will want to spend the time again instead.

We are all oscillating our emotions like a pendulum from one extreme to the other.

They are those who are obsessed with washing hands and those that are choosing not to be so obsessive.

They are those who are scared to come to work and stay at home and those who are not as worried and cant stay at home and want to come to work.

There is a wide spectrum of polarities that are being created.

We are being bombarded from all 360 degrees with stimulus and being forced to respond.

It is ok not to have to respond immediately and instead pause and reflect.

It’s wise to look for the blessings in what you are resenting and looking for the downsides for that which we are infatuating with.

It is wise to then strategize plans on a daily basis to create the best outcomes.

For perhaps the first time in a long time we are being asked to collectively hold space, patience and try to understand each other but more over comprehend ourselves with love and gratitude.

We cannot know what is going in another person life at the moment as they cannot understand what is going on in yours.

Seek wisdom not with compassion but with empathy.

We can either allow the stress to tear us apart or bring us together.

Rest assured now is not the time that the human species will become extinct, not unless we let it through our choices of how we act and react.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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