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Heaing from then trenches 2


Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist


An elderly patient comes in to see me a week ago. I had been caring for him for the last 10 years.

We discussed his cardiac status and adjust his meds, the usual doctoring stuff.

I asked him if there were any other non cardiac ailments he wanted to discuss with me too.

He sheepishly looked down and pulled up his right trouser leg.

The skin was clearly infected and he was suffering from scratching it vigorously and there were beginning signs of ulcerations and bleeding.

I asked him if he had the leg looked at prior.

He nodded. “They gave me antibiotics last week ” he replied

” Is it getting better ?” I asked

” It was, but then I stopped the antibiotics a few days into the course” he answered

” Why?” I inquired.

” I was getting diarrhea from the medication, and I was scared I would run out of toilet paper so I stopped the medication” he noted.

My eyes swelled up.

I was momentarily confused with anger and with empathy.

I was angry at the fact that here was another victim not of the coronavirus but the fear of it, and yet had empathy for him as this fear of the ” lack of ……….” anything and everything has led to the vast imbalance of the world

i looked at him straight in the eyes and comforted him that he was not going to run out of toilet paper, and the treatment was necessary part of his healing else he have worse consequences of infection and limb loss.

I offered to buy him more toilet paper.

He smiled and declined.

We both in that moment understood the tragedy of the situation of how fear grips us all.

Sometimes the unrealistic and imagined emotions grip us and force us to do things that we would not otherwise do if we were in our balanced state, and working from our logical mind.

I hope that he heals from his infection, I unfortunately feel that he will not heal from his fears.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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