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Perspectives from the Intuitive Cardiologist


It is all very surreal to watch this on television and keep track of the infections and the death toll from the sidelines of my social media app, and google.

Yet when this hits close to home, the tangible reality becomes a nightmare.

Recently had a patient who called me up due to various symptoms of dizziness, weakness and arm numbness.

My suspicion was that he was having a neurological event. I spent alot of time explaining to him the tight rope of his cardiovascular status and his impending diagnosis if he did not either come to the office or goto the ER. ( This was 2 weeks ago before the corona really hit the US)

He was deathly afraid of stepping out of the house due to the fear of the virus.

I suggested some treatments yet he still needed higher level of care.

I pleaded with him repeatedly to seek out further work up.

Didnt happen.

Calls me yesterday.

My worst fears were realized as he spoke to me informing me of worsening symptoms.

He stroked.

I begged further for him to get a cat scan of his head, get other texts and be treated.

He apologetically refused.

His fear of this virus was greater than his fear of having a continued stroke and being paralyzed.

His fears have paralyzed his reasoning.

Much is the case with most people who are scared for their lives from stepping out of their house.

Yes dont go vacationing during a pandemic, stay at home.

But dont be so scared that when your life is threatened you fall back into fears of an imagined outcome that may not happen and harm yourself further.

I am still waiting for him to see reason and step out of his psychological paralysis as he continues to loom under the threat of physical paralysis.

Call your health care professionals for help.

Thats what we are there for, to help.

We dont want to be out there in the world under this same threat and fear for our lives, and that of our families, but we choose to do it.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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