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Pleasure or pain


Pain and Pleasure occur simultaneously in every quantum moment.

They are the complementary opposites that naturally manifest.

So with this pandemic are we not seeing pleasure and pain occur simultaneously in all that we are experiencing ?

In which case here is a pondering thought.

Let us take the most primitive of pleasure and pain… sex and survival.

Being home bound with your partner- married or otherwise.

Do you have sex with them ? ( pleasure) And if so what about the social distancing ?

Do you undertake sex with the “pain” of potentially contracting the virus in close contact?

I have jokingly heard that in 9months the Obstetrics Departments round the world will be busy with new births perhaps a new boom in population.

Yet I wondered about this. What if that partner was infected by simply going to work? Or by going to the grocery store or anywhere really where there is a risk of contracting it? How do we know that when they left the house they were negative and returned positive?

Does one partake in pleasure with sex with the risk of pain of infection?

Or partake in pain of not having sex vs the pleasure of survival?

Pain and pleasure occur at all levels in our behaviors and manifests in our cellular physiology and psychology.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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