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Something missing


Practicing medicine has evolved over the last 2000 years and especially accelerated in the last 50years exponentially.

With this COVID 19 social distancing to reduce exposure our practice adopted the technology of TELEMEDICINE.

The healthcare professional calls in via phone and talks to the patient remotely. In some cases there is a camera on both sides so both parties can see one another.

Most of the doctors around have begun to expediently adopt this new model. It is a valuable asset to be able to still help patients and provide health care, yet still reduce the exposure and the spread of this viral burden.

The patients and I had lovely conversations, relaxed and even more meaningful exchange of ideas. WHY? I think because I was bringing health care directly to their home and not having them to come to the sometimes “feared ” and scary environment of the ominous ” doctors office “.

I was essentially in their living room, or in their bedroom providing them the gentleness of modern health care in THEIR environment, as they sat at their breakfast table, lounging in the sofa or in some cases still snuggled in bed.

The conversations were at a more mellow tone as it flowed with ease and grace. It brought back a few old memories of “house calls” with the modern twist of a phone.

We connected at a deeper level as we shared the perceptions of being trapped in this social isolation situation together. The common bonds were forged and connection was established as it must before any healing can take place.

Yet there was still something missing.

As I was feverishly ( mind the pun) wrote our my notes and completed documentations on the computer, there was a part I had to force myself to avoid inputting. Can you guess what that was?

Yes the physical exam !

It was the first time in decades that I had not heard the patient’s heart beat as part of my healing encounter.

It was most unnerving as the healing process is not just to the patient but also to me as the simple human touch is the feedback loop that connects both patient and healer in that moment.

I was not hearing their heartbeat as a feedback of their presence as part of the universe in human form !!

I understand the reasons why we are social distancing in these apparent troubled times, and I completely endorse this idea from a healthcare perspective. Yet I am looking forward to the days again when listening to the heart beat with my stethoscope will fill my heart with joy of connection as well

Till then it stays in my doctors bag, getting ready to spring back into action.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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