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Benefits of the virus


There is so much fear and negative publicity with the events around the world, it leads to us seeing only one side of the entire situation.

It is wise to counterbalance the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic with looking at some of the benefits.

I did just that. I was not uncaring or unfeeling for the situation, nor flippant about the spread.

I simply looked at all the benefits of what was going on and how it effected me.

My perceptions changed, and my fears reduced. And became more balanced to see things for as they are not how I am choosing them to be.

Here is a short list out of my 254 benefits that I created to help me out of my fear.

-Reduced fuel pollution, not as many cars driving around
-less traffic, so get to my destination faster
-less noise pollution with cars and planes
-help clients with their fears
-politicians not on the campaign trail, so less lies and hypocrisy I have to deal with
-more home time.
-more opportunity to meditate and get self centered
-more time to clean the house
-more time to spend with kids
-no running around to kids after school activities, leading to late nights, and less driving to kids activities.
-more opportunities to invest
-appreciate the store owners I saw who now spend the time cleaning their store and their doors outside vs hurrying after customers
-more connection with close friends as one is forced to rely within to communities
-more time to read
-more time to connect with my family
-less time to hear about protests all over the world
-more understanding that ALL lives matter not one racial group alone
-more time to process the data out there, and realize what is real statistics and what is artificial
-more chances to connect to friends, even if not physical meeting, at least via social media apps
-more versatility of how to survive in this apparent chaos with patients through technology such as TELE Medicine.
-appreciation for the slowing down of life
-realization that the world is being forced to reset, and it starts with me.
-time to sort my thoughts
-get clarity of my being and purpose
-plan out my directions
-spend more time teaching my students
-love my self more as I slow the pace of my day
-breathe and pause
-discover my fears
-resolve my fears
-uncover new challenges and create plans of execution
-see the how the madness of fear can effect me
-see how the madness of fear no longer effects me
-plan my finances better

There were so many more, but after I made my list, I found myself less perturbed.

I keep adding to my list literally every few hours.

What are you learning or seeing as the benefits to this COVID 19 experience.?

( only thing I do not yet fully see as a benefit, is the lack of fixing of the potholes due to the quarantine. These potholes do not seem to be getting any better !!)
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Very awesome! I love your blog and have been passing it to my friends.

    The situation is pretty crazy, however there is a slow halt to the daily madness you see everyday.

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