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Time for heroes

Coronavirus to consciousness series

We are in a winter of anxiety and fear, as we await the spring of hope and relief

Sometimes our destiny is not of our choosing

We may not seek or provoke this assault on our freedoms in our lives

We did not expect nor did we invite this confrontation with a pandemic

Yet the measure of civilization is when we rise to meet that challenge when it does arrrive

Do we cover under the blanket of fear or stare deep into the eyes of the fear mongering

This is a time for heroes

And the streets of heaven are crowded with Angels watching over

Everytime we measure our capacity to meet the adversity we are reminded that our capacity for resourcefulness is limitless

The streets of heaven are crowded with Angels

This is a time for heroes that will achieve something great in the light of day and persevere through the hardships and fears of the night

This is a time to reach for the stars and prevail

This is a time to face the fears that are coming up from within
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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