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What is love

When we experience love, it is nothing more than chemical reactions occurring within our body governed by our brain initiated by our mind and the releasing of hormones via our cell physiology.

( also occurs while eating certain dopamine releasing foods such as chocolate. )

The universe is also nothing more than a complex cascade of chemical reactions also occurring at a grander scale.

So ergo then doesn’t it stand to reason that the universe is also love?

Is that all that love is?

A balance of chemical reactions occurring at a cellular and cosmic level?

Well sort of in my opinion, with a slight twist.

When love is conditional it is part of an imbalanced equation of chemical reactions.

When we experience a transcendent state of gratitude we open up our heart to UNconditional love which connects us to the universal whole.

This is the more balanced version of that equation.

It is in this state that we are part and parcel of a much larger universal mind of intelligence that permeates through and goes beyond the constructs of time and space.

The universe pulsates with this bounding intelligence that creates these amazing chemical reactions right from the galactic to the cellular and subatomic particle level.

Which further enforces the idea that this intelligence that chooses to express life in all forms of experience is in fact doing it from a space of unconditional love, as the balance of the universal equation of life remains in a state of seamless equanimity.

When we judge we create an imbalance in that equation and call it CONDITIONAL Love.

When the heart speaks and connects us to the divinity of the Universal Whole we call it UNCONDITIONAL Love.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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