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Do it today

Are you doing what you love to do tomorrow… today?

When we have an expanded vision for our future and start to incrementally take small steps today….

We begin to see that vision come alive..

It becomes clearer, more certain, more in the moment..

Then soon that vision becomes a complete and whole reality

The magic happens when we take the steps ..

Living in the fantasy of tomorrow yet never bringing it into this moment only stands to keep us trapped in that illusion

We break out of that mirage by starting today what we would have postponed for tomorrow

So do today what you would have done tomorrow.. so that tomorrow you can add one more reach towards grasping that dream…
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Yes! well said, creating our own reality is key and evident in everything I do. I love looking back and laughing at the realization of the big things when they come to light! I working on one right now…

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