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Post birthday gratitude

Deep heart felt gratitude for all the remembrances of my birthday via the messages, texts, emails, phonecall, hugs, social media comments, instagram, facebook

The love was so enormous that as I replied to each comment, Facebook stopped me from replying as it limited the flood of responses!

Never had that happen before…

Lovely to connect to so many that I have missed or not communicated for far too long… plus so many new friends to explore interactions and conversations

Biggest thing that resonated was that “My family” is truly global..

My home is the world and each person represents the diversity of the countries that are rooms of my house…

This warms my heart to no end and I am inspired to have been able to connect to you all

I am grateful to have been able to work on my birthday doing what I love to do… HELP, HEAL, SERVE by spreading Love, Light and Wisdom

Ps my 4yr old that since my fasting I have adopted an entirely plant based nutrition and was skipping sugary dessert this year.. so she made a cake out of clay and decorated it so I could have the “blowing the candles experience ”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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