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Another year around the sun

Another amazing year round the sun begins

There have been times when I have looked back at my life and seen how everything has simply come together.

Whether it was perceived terrible times of sorrow, heart ache and failure or whether it was perceived happier times of joy, and jubilation.

Every event, every experience has led to this moment of now and the next step of now.

The puzzle pieces fit together beautifully with every experience, revealing a little more of the magnificent whole of my life each day

Everything that has happened, had to happen to allow me to grow.

I am grateful to the world to allow me the opportunity to help, heal and serve

I am grateful to the intelligence of this universe to enable me to explore life in my unique way so that it can understand itself ever more.

I am grateful for this life

I am grateful for the opportunities to expand my awareness, Understandings and consiousnesss.

I am grateful that one day when I do leave this world, I can say that I have used every ounce of gift and talent that I was bestowed upon.

I am looking forward to the next stage of my life to help and serve others awaken their consciousness to the very mysteries of life and the universe.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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