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Love yourself

I love my body

I love my skeleton

I love my appendages from the tips of my fingers to the toes

I love my muscles

I love my tissues

I love my organs

I love my blood

I love my nervous system

I love my lymphatic system

I love my cells

I love my DNA

If we do not love literally every strand of our physical being how can we love anything else.

If we do not love ourselves on the inside, how can we love anything on the outside

If we do not love ourselves as we are and not as we want to be, how can we connect to our inner knowing of the moment.

I would encourage to each day find 5 minutes to find things about yourself that you love, physical, mental, emotional.

Write what you love about yourself each day as a journal.

NO CRITICISM of yourself allowed.

Enjoy !

PS I do this daily 😉
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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