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Patient encounter

I had a lovely 95 year old lady who came in to the office yesterday brought in by her aging son.

They sat down and waited patiently for me.

I walked in with my usual jovial demeanor.

Yet today I was almost 35 minutes off schedule. ( not like me)

I apologized for the delay as I had been occupied at the hospital in an emergency and now like the domino effect was behind for the rest of the rest of the day.

They did not seem to mind, just glad I could be there.

The patient looked me straight in the eyes and said in an unwavering voice ” Do you remember that I was once that emergency and you stayed with me and did not leave my side?”

I was at first taken by surprise, desperately trying to quickly skim through 1000s of emergencies in my minds filing cabinet that I had neatly stored away and perhaps lost the key.

Then it hit me and I recalled the event.

We both smiled and I sat down and began the visit.

We spent a short time together which in the moment felt like hours.

I did my doctoring, and she did her fair share of answering of questions.

At which point I switched gears and we joked about various aspects of her life.

She remarked that she never thought she would reach this age.

I informed her that it was all her in her head and age was just a number, the trick was to prevent it from getting it into her body.

It flowed.

We got up to the end of the visit as I helped her up.

She seized my arm and again looked me in the eye and said ” I like seeing you every 6 months, been doing that for over 15 years. ”

I got close, looked her back in the eyes and whispered ” Please don’t stop”

Both our eyes were swelled with tears of gratitude and love.

She smiled and her son helped her to the door. I returned to my room.

Never realized that the time as a healer had flown by so quickly

I love what I do with gratitude.

This was healing not just for her but for me as well.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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