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In this mornings powerful meditation this is what came up for me.

And so I share this with you.

Life offers daily lessons hidden inside daily challenges

Life’s challenges are experienced in the mind and body as anxiety and stress constricting the mind, the body and then heart.

What do you choose when you are faced wth these challenges in life?

Do you choose fear, anger, or do you choose to seek out another path?

A path that may not be easy, or clear at first.

The path of your unlocking your gift and your genius.

Do you choose to consider your gift that you offer the world in this game of life?

What if you can use life’s challenges as a fuel for creative service?

You always have a choice.

What if the world was filled with a global conspiracy for the greater good?

Where countless beings come together to release their gifts for generosity, wisdom and higher consciousness.

Where each one links their gifts for the good of the universe

How you face your daily challenges explores how you unlock your gift.

Today you are invited to live that gift.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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