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Snow full moon

Welcome to the Supermoon known as the Snow moon.

As you wake this morning you may feel a wide variety of emotions, impulses, or symptoms ( headache, euphoria, fatigue, confusion)

No you are not having a stroke. ! Well I hope not.

This full moon is very powerful giving us the potential to have a blast of energy and motivate us to recognize our inspiration and ACT.

It is a time to channel our thoughts and visions towards becoming the person we choose to become and steered towards that future with confidence and certainty.

This moon radiates the light upon our fantasies and the realities of truth and guide us to the path of choice.

This supermoon is the first for 2020. It is closest to the earth and appears brighter and larger. Why is this important?

The proximity of the moon alters the electromagnetics between the earth and the moon and so increases its vibrancy and frequency. It gets more intense.

We are made up of electromagnetic frequency. And so we too are effected by the potent energetic shift.

Opening up our consciousness to new possibilities and wonder, by forcing us to see and heal our past.

Where this supermoon arrives in the zodiac then musters various qualities with in us.

So to take this greater amplification of vision and potential possibilities further I have created a potent invocation to help you harness the power of this energetic experience.

Sit comfortably. Relaxed. And repeat 3x

” I am my Higher Self

I release all that no longer serves

I welcome the realm of possibility

I enter this sacred space of my future with a clarity of thought and word

I act upon my heart’s desire

I am in alignment with my soul purpose

I make way for my vision to come to pass.

I embrace my Universal support and Life’s challenge with Love and gratitude

I am that I am”

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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