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Do you find yourself complaining often?

How does it make you feel when you do?

When we complain we are already feeling miserable within ourselves.

We feel frustrated and dejected.

We react to being entitled or act in entitlement.

We enter lower states of vibrational frequency and consciousness

We then tend to live uninspired

We feel life is a burden and then we find everything to be un-joyful, a hassle and remain fearful.

When we live in gratitude, we play with the frequency of love.

This vibration leads to higher states of empowerment.

We then welcome vitality.

We pursue challenges

We then see difficulties as obstacles to overcome and not be avoided.

Life is a privilege.

Life is a sacred union of cells to come together to create experience.

Complaining about the same life that is special defeats the purpose of why we are here.

WE rush in looped timelines losing the luster of our divine purpose and vision.

Staying in ones highest frequency and being unique is the highest gift that we can offer ourselves, humanity and the world.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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