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What is unconditional love?


what does that mean?

Dont I do that every day all the time anyway?


We don’t

Most of the time it is in our nature to tet to control circumstances, people, situations etc.

These may include our family, friends, kids, pets and so on.

The closer they are to us, the more we “love them” and so choose to control them.

“I will love you WHEN you clean your room”

“I will love you IF you love me”

“Show me you love me by doing ……”

Go back in your mind and look at all the times you said I love you… and look at the remainder of those sentences…


however UNCONDITIONAL means coming from gratitude and grace

When we ARE grateful for someone, something AS IT IS OR AS THEY ARE then we open up OURSELVES to gratitude

This is a vibrational frequency that resonates with LOVE

Gratitude…… Grace……Unconditional Love

Practice this for few minutes everyday… truly being grateful towards the people or pets you
Are demonstrating conditional Love….

And watch it change to unconditional love..

A much higher vibrational frequency !

I unconditionally love you

Author: Brown Knight

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