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Love yourself

What we love about ourself grows !

The hard part these days is loving oneself beyond what social media, the magazines or the news, tv or movies demands us to adore.

We see what others are doing and their journeys and believe that is what we must love

This eventually manifests as simply following along someone else’s loves or passions and not our own.

This robs us of our identity

We tend to forget what qualities we have within ourselves

In the absence of our identity we then submit to what others judge about us. Whether it is what we wear, how we speak, how we carry ourselves, what we eat etc.

This is a sure fire way of self disempowerment

Take a few moments to look at yourself in the mirror…. and I mean really look

Look past the judgements of your mind (which actually are seeds from others, society etc)

Look at what you love about yourself

Write it down

1 to 2 words a day

Maybe more

Let it grow.

Babies are born not hating themselves… they love themselves enough to come into this world… (yet soon pile on judgments)

Go back to the innate state of self love

Love yourself more each day

Expand your light with love

Expand yourself through love
I love you

Ps you can put in comments below what you love about yourself. And keep writing them here if you like… an accountability page !

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Wonderful practice, especially a message to youth who do not as yet have formed, trusted critical thinking skills. Their base needs truthful guidance and methods to grow out upon.

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