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Darth vader and alvin

Alvin’s encounters with the Sith

DARTH vader : you donot know the power of the dark side

Alvin: I do, but I also know Light side which together brings the balance of Love

Darth vader : feel your anger, it will make you stronger, it can give you focus

Alvin : your faith in your darkness is your weakness, I feel only love

Darth vader : come join me and together we will rule the North pole

Alvin: you are delusional, smoking pot again in your oversized espresso machine suit?

DARTH vader : santa never told you what happened to your father…

Alvin: he told me plenty, he also told me who your daddy was?

Darth Vader ( deep breathing and cough) : uh what? Who?

Alvin : Santa is your father.

Darth vader : no, no, it cant be..its impossible

Alvin: search your feelings you know it be true

Darth vader: (sobbing)

Alvin: when you find gratitude for who you are, where you have come from, you will discover the love that you have searching for…. this is what will bring balance back to the force

Darth vader: but the shroud of the dark side fallen it has.. just watch the media

Alvin: your anger leads to suffering, and suffering leads to hate, and hate leads to the dark side, not the media, let it go.

DARTH vader: meditate upon this I must. Thank you. Uh I love you

Alvin: I love you too bro

Darth: bro? Are we….?
I love you

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