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Universal existence

“Every existence is multiplied by possibility is spread out with infinite measure across the universe”- DR Nitin Bhatnagar

Each day that we arise from our slumber we may stumble with confusion, frustration, fear. We may feel ” what is the purpose to my life” or ” why am I here” or ” what am I doing with my life”. We perhaps blame others or situations for our life circumstances.

Yet each moment of our existence is profoundly sacred.

Each moment is the unfolding of the magic of the cosmic whole

Each moment is the unraveling of the experience of the universe.

Each moment holds the infinite possibilities and outcomes.

Each moment is a powerful choice that we are given to unwrap the great mystery

Each moment is in OUR hands to explore

Each moment is the culmination of the consciousness of the universe

Each moment is ours for the giving and receiving

Within each moment, the universe awaits our action and reaction with literally bated breath, to see what we will do, and so what it will experience.

My dear, it is you who controls your destiny, choice and outcome in each moment,

For YOU are the universe experiencing and expressing itself with infinite measure
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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