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Where there ia a will there is a way

A light hearted conversation with my 4 y old

Daughter: We want to watch a movie.

Me: ok that’s fine, what did you want to watch?

Daughter: Mohana. ( as she waves the DVD in my face)

Me: Ok, but you have to talk to your brother because this time it is his choice.

Daughter: Why?

ME: Because you chose Mohana last time and this time it is his turn to choose.

Daughter: I will talk to him. He will choose what I want. Mohana. ( she walks off to tell her brother what they are going to watch, again waving the DVD in the air)

ME: ( silence )

It is important to be clear of what our goals are and then pursue them with vigor and determination. This is not to be mistaken for arrogance or bullying. This is a demarcation of self choice and execution of our plan with Clarity and poise. She taught me a great lesson with this example. When the mind is balanced, the heart is synced, the spirit is willed , then the physical reality is manifest.

She watched Mohana for the 17th time. Her brother did not resist.
I love you

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