11:11 Ascension star portal gateway

11:11 is a potent moment of self mastery. The incoming phonic light from the galactic center affect the earths magnetic fields, the poles, the climates, the mass mind limiting beliefs. When these magnetic dense layers shift, so too the quantum consciousness rises.

During this Ascension phase foretold of legend, occurs when our solar system passes through bands of photonic light that is absorbed by our field biofields that is encoded with intelligence that causes DNA mutations. Our DNA absorbs this knowledge of light and then emits it as wisdom as we create our physical reality. This is a step wise process of progression into higher holographic streams of enlightenment. WE are joining into the Divine cosmic alignment of the other planets, and vibration frequency of the rest of the cosmos. This is part of stellar flow.

A reopening of light portals from earth to source is unbelievablly exciting. A chance to activate the gridlines of the planetary grid of Love, and transmitting love to the earth, humanity and all of nature through its branches from our activated divine cosmic DNA.

We bear the sacred covenant of source in our hearts and unfold the power of creation everyday with our thoughts.

11/11 is a cosmic meeting of awakening indeed. We as star seeds, light bearers have the ability to direct this cosmic gift and power in any direction via your own empathic electrical system.

With greater awakenings that are occurring, this gate remains a crucial aide in the process. You may have already been seeing 1111 in alarm clocks, images, dates all over the place. This is the reminder from the Higher realms and the universe that it is your divine self that is being reminded to awaken. It is all about you connecting to the spirit world and the universe and you are the key.

11:11 is a synchronization code configuration that creates an energetic portal for the cosmic ascension to the Unity of one.

This gateway will help you bring about a greater awareness and accelerate your consciousness. This gateway will magnify your own light, intuition and gifts. Yet you must do the work of allowing.

Through this gateway you will begin to start experiencing increasing frequencies of what will supplement your life and energize it

In the meantime, realize that now is not the time to give up and shrug and stay in your comfort zone. No one can help you except yourself.

Shake off your complacency, burn those knowledge candles, sing your soul song.

We have much to do, and we not getting any younger.
A small invocation to help you harness the power of this gateway is written below.

May all the beings seen and unseen help you with this endeavor.

” I love Gaia, I love humanity, I love my soul family and reestablish my sacred connection with the Divine to its highest point from my heart.

Wishing you all a peaceful and magical week ahead as you embrace your divine template of magnificence and love.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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