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Same shit new day

When I meet and greet people who come my way I ask ” What’s new with you?”

Most reply ” Nothing new” or ” Same old same old” or ” Same shit different day ”

Well that’s just great. Then we wonder why new things don’t enter our lives and our lives feel stagnant, boring, and uninspiring.

We are able to co create our realities through our thoughts, then when we speak them out loud and initiate an action, the reality is manifest. Yet it begins with feeling our intended future. It is when we imagine that future and feel it in our bones that we transfer that energetics to the mind from the body and heart. So when we do not FEEL the future, we do not THINK it. When we do not think it, we do not SPEAK it. And when we do not speak it, we do not ACT it out.


If we do not feel any change in our hearts and lives, we cannot think it and ergo have nothing to say and then retort with a shrug followed by a one liner as if we do not care. But we do care. We are CREATures who are meant to CREATE and expand and grow. We evolve by our intentions.

If we do not SAY anything about our lives then nothing happens and we stay where we are. Yet all this begins with having gratitude for where we are and what we have, that sets things into motion. Gratitude for the smallest of things generates the energetics of the heart to open and then the cascade of think, speaks and act begin.

If we are not grateful for the small things, we will not be given the bigger things in life to become grateful for. So I would invite you to try this exercise.

Be present, and be grateful for what you have and where you are in life. Find the smallest thing that is different in your life each day ( because things are genuinely different each day) and FEEL it, and then THINK it. SEE it changing, and SPEAK about it. If it requires an action then ACT on it. Rinse and repeat. Watch your life transform.

E.g. I read an article yesterday. Ok so I am grateful that I came upon the material to read, that I can read and I FELT gratitude for the article. I THOUGHT about the content. I SPOKE about the content to my friends, and then by writing about it, I ACTED. This was something new that happened to me. Even though I am constantly reading numerous books a week, THIS article was something NEW, and transforming. I acknowledged the change and so evolve to help serve more people each day.

Pay attention to the subtleties of change in your life, other wise one day you may see yourself in the mirror and have totally missed and may not recognize the person in front of you in the reflection.

Inertia broken. Keep moving forward.
I love you

Did you know that if you are sitting on the potty at 11:59 p.m. And the clock strikes midnight it is the same shit different day !!

Author: Brown Knight

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