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Why i shifted

I have been asked many a time by people as to why did I shift my consciousness.

What was the inciting event that triggered my change?

I have gone back to various moments in my life to identity the one experience that broke me out of my inertia. I will say that it was not just one moment but a series of them that led to the change. The overwhelming negativity and the desire to find the truth within me about who I was and my connection with the universe, were part of an unbalanced equation of my heart and mind.

When I discovered that the pain of remaining tightly shut like a bud, was greater than the pain of opening up, blooming and being seen was when I would say that I began to rebalance my equation. Granted it has taken me greater than 15 years of learning, researching, exploring, self discovery coupled with pivotal spiritual awakenings and powerful awareness moments, that all played a vital role in where I am today as well as where I am heading in the future.

I was very stuck in my life, and I kept looking for answers to understand who am I ? Where am I from? Where am I going? What is the purpose of my life? The more I dug, the more questions I asked. And so this cycle continued till I felt that the pain to grow beyond my stuckness was less than the pain to stay where I was. Then the more I showed up in my authenticity, the more the universe helped me blossom and open up.

So this is and was the beginning of my balance of pain and pleasure to be able to shift.

Let me ask you a question for you to answer for yourself: What will it take for you to choose to shift?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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