We all wear masks.

We use them to hide our true nature of who we are. Why? Because we are afraid of showing up as our authentic selves. This serves many purposes. It can help us not reveal our darkness to others, and in doing so not allow us to show our vulnerable side. It may keep what we are doing a secret so that we can build the time, and effort to eventually blossom. Regardless of the reason, hiding behind a mask does not truly allow us to grow.

We may try to change our lives, change locations, change our friends, change our physical appearance, yet regardless of this change, till we actually SHOW UP in the skin that we are in, and truly own it, we still will live behind masks.

We can hide our “dark identity” in the night, yet in the light of the day when our vulnerabilities become transparent, nothing can be truly hidden. This is when awareness and consciousness meet. In the moment of vulnerability and transparency is where we make the conscious choice to transcend our former selves and alchemize it.

It is when we take off our masks do we metamorph into who we were truly meant to be.

Why are you hiding behind your mask today?

What will it take for you to come out from behind your mask?

Answer these questions for yourself. I know that they were powerful questions for me to contemplate and reply in order to transform.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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