Are you empathic?

There are friends who claim to be “empathic”. They tell me that they “feel” things very strongly. They react to crowds, they react to being in the presence of people, they react to watching television. They claim to ” feel ” the emotions of that opposite person and are sometimes unable to handle the situation. More so they sometimes feel they have to withdraw from others to preserve themselves.

Now I fully appreciate these empathic gifts. I am empathic too. Yet there is a difference in the way the empathy is displayed. Most of the time we may wear our emotions on our sleeves, may become upset at other people displaying their emotions. This is not empathy though. This is more of remaining in our imbalanced wounded state and seeing the reflections of our own wounds as demonstrated in the many.

When this happens instead of dealing with these emotions, feelings and heal our own wounds we may curtail this and say ” I know how you are feeling” and jump into those emotional storms, yet all this does is pour salt into our own wounds. Most of the folks I know in the ” spiritual ” healing arts claim their empathic gift, yet seldom have taken the time to work on their own emotional baggage. Why? Because for some delusional reason they feel that wearing their emotions connects to their clients better.

When we are in a balanced state of mind, spirit and consciousness we can open the heart space to unparalleled dimensions of existence. The empathic gift is neither a blessing or a curse ( as most of my imbalanced spiritual friends will say). It simply is a portal of connection to another living being from the heart space. It is in this space of balance that the heart opens and gratitude and grace emerge.

It is this connection that we long in our relationships. Yet seldom is this truly the case. Why ? Because most “empathics” will hide their wounds, and in doing so, hide who they truly are, hence remain in an imbalanced state of a closed heart, forever searching for connection with themselves and others.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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