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There are times when we are faced with certain choices. Either be attracted to high value goals or be distracted by low value tasks.

This is one of the key cornerstones to success. Focus on what will get you where you want to go or be led astray by things that wont. We are all ( especially me ) very good at making excuses and following low priority distractions and then thinking that life’s situations are too great or that some outside source prevents us from getting where we want to go. Yet in some fashion doing those lower priority things serve us. They may keep us in our comfort zone and not allow us to move forward in a direction that we are too scared to overreach.

Yet children are unique. We treat them as distracted busy bees and it is the responsibility of us as the adults ” who know better through life experiences “. We ignore their ideas or their thoughts as the works of absent minded dreamers. Yet ironically we are so “focussed” on the details we completely forget to see the bigger picture which is what the children see.

Why is that? Simply because the children are trying to learn everything, absorb everything as their high value goal is to learn all, to be able to survive and through their ” play” understand the world. WE as adults have already filtered most of the world out based on numerous shifting goals and life experiences, and then prioritize what are life tasks versus true high value prioritized tasks.

It is sometimes very valuable to be able to learn from the children who see the overall picture of the world and not just the myopic frightened world that most adults observe. Both are equally important to keep in balance to understand not just the world but the cosmos.
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Author: Brown Knight

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