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There are times when we are faced with certain choices. Either be attracted to high value goals or be distracted by low value tasks. This is one of the key cornerstones to success. Focus on what will get you where you want to go or be led astray by things that wont. We are all […]
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Self worth

I had a lovely conversation with a dear friend the other day regarding worth of self and objects. I used the example of a Michael Kors ladies bag versus that of Gucci. If you believe that you are worthy of a Kors bag then you will work towards that purchase, if you believe you are […]
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Be like the sun

Be like the sun. There are times when I am stepping on egg shells around other people’s feelings, or not daring to speak up when I know I should in fear of what they might say. I would hide my truth. In essence I would hide myself from shining. I am reminded of the star […]
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Making mistakes

“I made so many mistakes in my life ” I have heard this phrase from countless people in my life. Friends, family, and my self included. Yet what happens when one makes a mistake? We tend to learn from it. If we do not then we make the same mistake again and again, yet at […]
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What is food?

What is food ? To the average human food is a life sustaining entity. But I will tell you that there are people who can be fasting not just for days or weeks but months and be able to survive. What level are we willing to accept the survival is the question. I mean some […]
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