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Self worth

I had a lovely conversation with a dear friend the other day regarding worth of self and objects. I used the example of a Michael Kors ladies bag versus that of Gucci. If you believe that you are worthy of a Kors bag then you will work towards that purchase, if you believe you are worth more and reach for the Gucci bag then you will perceive yourself having that self worth and work towards that level of achievement.

This is not an exercise in status of showing off, yet an effort to feel and know what you are worth in various areas of your life. When you have value for something, you will find a way to strive towards getting that object or service. If you feel less worthy then you will not resonate with that frequency of worth. When you feel you should get something expensive for a less price it is more because of the lack of self worth than the lack of worth of the object or service itself. Why? Because when we perceive anything we are basing it on our own value and worth.

If you were to get an expensive item or service for a bargain, you will invariably feel that you ” got it for a steal” and so in order to balance this out, you will end up being overly generous that day or in some other way soon after to compensate. Life is constantly striving for balance. When we truly feel the self worth, then we also are able to see the work that it has taken to create and provide that object or service and so appreciate it more.

I find it amusing that one would buy an expensive Gucci bag due to the feeling of ” i deserve this ” and have the worth on the outside yet may not have enough worth of finances to put something in the empty bag, and so show worth outwardly and not inwardly. This is due to the imbalances of ego and mind. When the mind is balanced in its perceptions, it is able to understand the value of an object and service and also see it as relative to self worth.

When the self worth and the value in the service or object is resonant and equal then it is not felt that either party is owed and fair equity and exchange occurs. This also holds true in relationships in families, societies, professions.

How much do you value yourself.?
I love you

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