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A beautiful meditation

The other day I had a beautiful meditation.

In silence, I focussed on my breathing and then in the silence I began to feel and hear my own heart beat.

It grew louder and louder till what I was hearing was all around me. It resonated as one magnificent heart beat. It was enveloping me with profound sense of familiarity and safety. The pulsation was deep and organic. It expanded above and below.

It seemed to encompass the earth. Then the sun and the planets. Then it further embraced the stars, and the heavens.

Soon the entire space was pulsating with this beat.

I did not feel unsafe in this enormity of the rhythm. It seemed to propagate in the very fabric of time and space. This was the heart beat of the universe.

I listened with greater curiosity and intent.

The beat seemed to then divide not into two or four or eight but exponentially into smaller and increasing number of beats, yet all marching to the same rhythm and timing.

Pulsating as one.

The closer I listened the louder they too got and then I realized….

In all my 20 years as a physician and cardiologist I have listened to literally over 100,000 hearts and tens of millions of heart beats. These were the heart beats I was hearing as one collective heart beat.

Yet all originated from my own heart. This was the connection that I was seeking clarity.

Entering my own heart space I was able to conjoin with the heart beat of the universe which was in fact made up of everyone’s heart beats. Every animal, plant, human heart beat, beating as One heart beat of the universe.

I returned back as I embodied my consciousness and integrated it into my very being.

WE are Many.

WE are One

I am One.

You are Me, and I am You.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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