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Making mistakes

“I made so many mistakes in my life ”

I have heard this phrase from countless people in my life. Friends, family, and my self included. Yet what happens when one makes a mistake? We tend to learn from it. If we do not then we make the same mistake again and again, yet at some point we do learn from the mistake by changing the course of our lives.

We are either pushed to change our lives by the various life circumstances or we choose to change our lives after a perceived mistake. These perceptions of mistakes can be anything. A strained failed relationship, a financial misadventure, an undesired career, an injurious competition, a social faux pas are some such examples.

Yet regardless of the example, these mistakes are teaching points in our lives. And if we were to map them out on the wall, we would discover this beautiful tree where the branch points are all nodes of mistakes that transformed into new directions of ideas and thoughts that led to different relationships, careers, inventions. Avenues of thoughts are created by trial and error. This is the fabulous way nature evolves. By making “mistakes”.

Yet these mistakes are not mistakes in the traditional sense of the word, but more opportunities to grow, learn and evolve.

I continue to make mistakes. I love them, because I grow from them.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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