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Morning choices

Every day when I wake up I have 2 choices to make. Not whether I have to brush my teeth and goto work nor do I go back to bed kind of choices. ( but those are certainly valid)

My choices are simple.

1. Get up and do what I love.
2. Do what I did yesterday

If I choose option 1 then I get up and list in my head all the things that inspire me and become really present with them and grateful for all that has transpired. I also then see my future vision and mission of my life and get present with them and become fully grateful for them as if they are transpiring in the here and now.

This invariably leads me to then ask myself how am I going to do what I love today and how am I going to further my mission today in all my interactions with everyone virtually and in person. This is a sure fire way to help my evolutionary process to blossom.

There are times when I choose option 2. This is not bad choice. All it requires is choosing a prior choice and repeating it. This affords me the ability to pause and get better at the choices of yesterday or in some fashion take a rest by repeating the old and not do anything new. Yet if I had chosen option 1 the day before and the day before that, then the choice of 2 is better off than faltering to a bad habit pattern.

If I chose option 2 I also ask my self WHY? What changed in my energetics that is not asking me to pick option 1. Perhaps I need to tweak my eating habits or my exercise level or more meditation.

Evolve or repeat. GO UP or stay where I am. The key here to understand is that it IS a choice.

What is your choice when you wake up each morning?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. I am interested in becoming a life coach. Could you provide any guidance to get my wheels on that road?

    Thank you

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