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Mindful nutrition

I dash for that donut on the office break room table while walking past. I pick up a cookie left over from my son’s plate as I look at my phone. I start eating a few chips from the bag and then finish the entire bag while watching a TV show. What are these examples of ? Mindless eating. When we are not mindful in most areas of our lives, we are certainly not mindful when eating food.

Lets dive into the physics of mindfulness nutrition. We may go out with friends or by ourselves to order dinner to go. During that moment of choice we may pick an unhealthy option with carbs or sugar or fried foods or throw in a dessert and perhaps even an extra alcoholic beverage. After all we are out with friends lets say and having a good time, why not indulge one might observe. Well thats great from a social standpoint except decisions are conscious and rationales are balanced out in our subconscious.

So when we eat something “bad” it is in some fashion related to something “good ” we feel that we may have accomplished in our day or week and so we balance it out with different degrees of unhealthy food. WE make these choices when in a mind-less state vs following mindful nutrition. The latter means being fully present at all times and even conscious when consuming, eating, chewing and digesting the food or drinks. Lets say we were able to complete a task in an expedient fashion, or perhaps hit a new personal record at the gym that day in a work out, or able to accomplish a difficult or boring chore. To balance out our “elation” we may unconsciously sabotage ourselves with mindless nutritional choices.

How do we know we have sabotaged ourselves? Simple. Ask your body the following day. If you are truly in tune with it, you will feel the effects of everything that you have consumed through your mood, sluggishness, joint pains or aches, and energy levels.

You have done it, I have done it, we all have done it. Its human nature. It is our subconscious balance that plays the role in our food choices. I am not saying not to eat what you want and exercise your free will, just realize that your free will is tied to another part of your actions and thoughts that may have already occurred and you are not as ” free ” as you may think as you are still governed by the energetics of your prior decision.

Eating more mindfully is the key to healthy nutrition. Eating to live, not living to eat is as vital as anything else we do in our life.
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Author: Brown Knight

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