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Funny story

Several years ago when our son was born we discovered quickly his “lack of being able to stay asleep for long periods of time”. We were exhausted parents, and one particular tiring week, he finally feel asleep at around 11pm and my wife and I sat next to his bed mentally spent and physically drained, and emotionally dry. We each took a deep breath and she pulled out her phone and started to read something. I pulled out my phone and started to do the same. Then suddenly it hit me. We were sitting next to each other and yet totally miles apart.

Oblivious to each others presence and absorbed into our phones we mind numbingly continued to type and read. So I decided to text her. Yes she was sitting next to me !! I wrote ” When you get this, turn to the person on your right and give him a kiss”. In that moment we created the world thinnest and tallest triangle. From my phone all the way to a satellite which probably turned less that a degree and then sent the signal to her phone next to me.

She laughed on receiving the text, turned to me and gave me a peck on the cheek with whatever little energy she had left in her body. It was an important lesson for me that I am reminded when I am absorbed in my phone reading an article or connecting outward to someone, my kids come over and poke me gently and say ” Daddy put your phone down and play with me.” Why is this so important ?

If I am so engrossed with my screen time, I forget self play time. Moreover I may forget to live and see the things around me, and miss major world happenings or discoveries in the process. For example having a chat with the wife that night, Which we finally did after that laughable incident. This incident is not far from the truth as I have witnessed entire families on their phones at dinner table or at restaurants instead of communicating with each other, unless of course they were all texting each other !!

Put down the screen and see the magic around me was my lesson. thought I would share.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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