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Reality or virtual

I was watching a you tube video the other day and I was seeing this kickass actress doing all kinds of stunts. Till I looked more closely and discovered that it was not a real human being but a digital construct. A virtual image ! She looked so real that I was dumb founded.

Yet I then could not help but wonder how far our technology has come to create these life like animations. Virtual reality is amazing. I could not distinguish the 2 ( virtual or real).

But then I got quiet and realized what if we have already mastered virtual reality to the point that this reality that we are living in is in fact a virtual reality by prior advanced highly evolved technology that we created 1000s of years ago.

What if this reality is an elaborate video game not run by aliens but by more evolved versions of ourselves ?

Are we that evolved already to be able to create this reality we call life? Holographic projections of light in a virtual dimension that we call the universe is in fact a game on some ones ipad on their desk ?

Expand your mind.

Expand your consciousness

Search for the truth, not the crap on social media or the TV ( but maybe thats all part of another virtual game too !)
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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