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Changing your words

Thought I would share with you an idea I have been working on. I used my self as a guinea pig and the experiment so far has been successful.

Changing my words. I have been changing the way I construct my sentences and statements. Words are projections of the mind’s intentions. Words are powerful enough to create a reality, yet if not with the right intentions then a reality born of fear, anger and unwanted. Words transmit energetic frequencies that begin in the fires of a burning passionate heart, yet filtered with an ego mind that serves to protect itself. So the words may be positive or negative.

I used to use terms like ” I need to….”, ” I must do…..”, ” I should….”

These are all words that are created from lower vibrational frequency energy that are disempowering. If you ” need to, must, or should..” these are probably not things to do by choice , rather a feel of necessity or pressure to be done to fill a void created by someone else. If there are things that you really choose to do by your own volition then these are probably experiences that are more valuable to you.

So ” I love to… “, ” I want to… “, ” I choose to…” are all terms that are born from your passion and desire of your own choice. These are all higher vibrational frequency words and change the context in which they are used. And yet in doing so brings magnificent fortitude to your intentions.


” I need to stretch my back”….> ” I love to stretch my back”.
” I need to read this book”…..> ” I love to read this book ”
” I need to tidy up”…..> ” I choose to tidy up”
” I need to get a better job”…..> ” I want to get a better job”

Notice that the energy frequency is very different on the right than the left. It is more empowering. You are more likely to enjoy stretch that aching back and get relief than feel that you are broken and have to fix your back. You are more likely to retain the informational content in the book if you love to read, versus being tortured to read. You may very well tidy up faster and more efficiently if you choose to tidy up, as this is your volition coming to play. You may be more successful in finding the right job that pays more, with better hours and more in line with your goals if you want to seek it out rather than be forced to find it.

There is a science behind transforming your dreams. It requires harnessing the right energy frequency and commanding it into action. The key is action and the tools you implement.

Engage your fire, speak out your goals, manifest your reality. Empower yourself.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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