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I know what it is like to lose

“I know what it is like to lose”

How many of us resonate with that sentiment? I would suspect all of us. We all have faced this emotional turmoil of loss and losing. Yet we have also felt what success feels like in some fashion. Both success and failure strike their measuring sticks in the sands of various areas of life. Be it in Financial, Relationships, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Socially, or a vocation, each of these areas of life hold both tenants of success and failure.

Failure is a prerequisite to success. Yet success does not last if it is not tempered by failure. It is this dance of the two that keeps us engaged and growing. If we are to focus primarily on either one, the dance abruptly ends and we may find ourselves without a chair.

There are times when we feel that failure is all we have and that no one cares for us in this state, yet not everyone is invested in our success either and may choose to see us fail. When success and failure are seen as simply 2 sides of a coin then we have the gift of vision to be able to look beyond our perceptions of either one and move in the direction of choice.

At times looking at my past I find myself realizing that my failures were my wards to help me succeed, and then my successes just another measure of upcoming failures if I became complacent. The delicate balance is played out everyday in our lives through conversations and actions when we deal with our own choices and those of others.

The duality of success and failure is part of an intricate web to allow us to grow and become more aware, lest we fumble in the dark never truly understanding our purpose or place in the universe.

So how do we navigate this duality. Simple. Acknowledge failures in the successful journey and count out the successes in the failure journey. It is wise to realize the value in the failures to help one grow, and the short falls of successes to keep one accountable, authentic and responsible.

Thanos saw how to become successful by failing and then mortally failed in the very end due to the shortcomings of his success.

Think about it… You are expressing both.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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