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Witnessing the earth

The other day I was mediating while standing in the water at the beach. The water lapped against my feet and I energetically branched out. Suddenly I saw the world. The whole globe as one, floating in space with its beautiful kingdoms of plant life, animal life, humanity, water world. In all its vitality.

Whilst still in mediation I seem to be traveling back in time. Not just a few years or a 100 years but billions of years. All the way back to the beginning.

I witnessed the fiery surface of the earth, only made of fire rock.

I became grateful for the earth as she once was, fiery red and yellow full of lava and the constant bombardment of other celestial objects like asteroids and space debris and meteors.

I was thankful for her to allow her self to be tortured by the cataclysmic blows while being all alone in space. She took the cosmic rape and abuse knowing that one day she will see the light of her sacrifice be rewarded.

It seemed like eons later the surfaces cooled and she was filled wth water.

The meditation continued as if I was now fast forwarding a movie. I became aware of the earths willingness to be impregnated with life and she brought forth nature in all its forms.. cellular and macroscopic. Plant and animal life alike. Till it fast forwarded so fast that I reached the moment I was in and came back into my “body” through time and space.

I was grateful for all parts of this experience

In loving appreciation for this planet and for all she has gone through to bring forth the life that it is today.

Respect. Love. Gratitude.
I love you

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