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Another fun story corollary to the last one.

So recently the night before the family was leaving on a long trip I began to miss them. Wife and kids. I came downstairs to the kitchen and went over to the pantry and saw some something move in the corner of the door. I took a closer look. It was a column of tiny ants that were coming through the edge of the side door and marching into the pantry. There was nothing that was loose or open for them to eat but here they were. A short while later Nitika and I cleaned the area up and were astounded as to what attracted them to the cupboard. There was nothing there. Let me preface this by saying that we NEVER get ants in the house. The only one other time in more than a decade was 3 years ago when the family was again leaving to go to India on an extended long trip ( the first time we were all apart from one another).

That last trip was a tough one for me as I missed them all dearly in the daily lonely silence. Yet it was a troublesome summer as I had an infestation of ants in the kitchen at that time. The more I missed my family the more the ants came. My wife made an observation this night after the clean up of the timing of this happening again.

Coincidence? I think not. There are no such things.

This is another example of synchronicity. Who came to me when I was missing my family 3 years ago. Ants. Who came to “spend time ” with me when I was alone. Ants. What do the Ants represent? Strength, persistence, stamina, patience, honor. All traits that I saw in my wife ! What else to they represent? Family. Support. Community. All traits of my children.

Traits are never lost, they simply transform from the one into the many. From my wife and kids to the ants. This is an important lesson in synchronicity as this happened literally as I was thinking of the emotional “missing ” them sensation. Voids are always filled. nature abhors a vacuum. And so when a relationship breaks up and we miss the other person, or when a person dies and we miss them, what we are actually missing is their “composition of individual traits”. Yet here is the kicker. The traits are simply transformed from the one into the many, and so the loss of an individual is just the mind’s imbalanced perception. As all the traits are simply now in others around us. No one is ever lost or gone, just transformed. Till we balance out our perceptions we do not have this level of awareness.

Why? Because we are all composites of energy and so transform into different manifestations.

Do I miss the family at this moment while they were gone? NO ! Not because I did not want ants to keep me company lol, but more that I know that all the traits of my wife and kids are transformed into everyone around me in my absence. In my awareness I have been noticing just that, in friends, coworkers and within myself. Friends who I rarely even speak to have offered me to join them for a party ( community) or given me vegetables ( food that wifey would take care of), or offered to spend time in conversation ( like my kids do), or parents come visiting to help out ( like the kids and wifey do.) or friends call me up for a group meditation outing ( like I do with wifey).

Coincidence? Nope. Don’t believe in that. I do believe in synchronicity and energetic fields.

The more you build your awareness, the more you will see. The more that you see, the more you will love. The more you love, the more you transform your life and the world.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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