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Funny story about nitin

Funny story.

Wifey and kids were recently traveling on a long distance flight. They played, slept a little, and kept themselves generally busy despite the interruptions of the food service and the lights coming on periodically for cabin service. Also during the flight there was a young man sitting along the same aisle. The kids befriended him and he too was entertained by them. And so the long hours of the flight passed expeditiously.

Now usually on a flight like this if I were traveling with them, I would be the one to entertain the kids. They were missing me and so it is natural that they would seek out someone else to talk to apart from my wife. But here is the cool part.

This young man was named Nitin !! Yes my name. The odds of that are astronomical. Or we could say that this is synchronicity. When I was missed as dad by the kids and needed entertaining , another came in my place to fulfill that role at that very moment.

Nothing is missing in the universe. It is complete as it is. And so when a void is created, it is also filled to complete a role.

Keep an eye out of synchronous moments in your life, you may find that the universe is a remarkable place. There is no such thing as coincidence.
I love you

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