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The heart gate

There are times when we are faced with a moving experience when we look at an epic skyscape at sunrise or sunset, or perhaps listening to a melodious piece of music that brings us to tears, or better yet when we observe a piece of art and are completely raptured by the experience. The mind does not know why or how or what to call the experience.

Yet the heart does not need to know any of this. It simply understands.

This is the nature of the open heart. A gateway to the super consciousness of the soul. Its energetic and vibrational connection to all things living transcends the space and time continuum.

I find myself spending more time each day listening to the songs that are heard through my heart and less of the noises through my brain and wavering mind. The inexplainable link that exists between each of us and the universal nature as a whole does not require explanation, as this will involve us using our mundane 5 senses to analyze, understand, digest and regurgitate a response.

The heart sees, understands, processes and knows all that it feels in an instant, in a fraction of the smallest quantum of time that the mind can comprehend. This is known as precognition. The heart has been scientifically tested to demonstrate this quality. So why is it so unfathomable that it is the heart of all organs that can access the unknowable, or experience the unexperienceable, or see the unseeable, or feel the intangible? It is not.

The magic we all seek lies within the heart. I waste not time or effort on the words of others to define the experience that is the perfect connection between me and the universe.

I simply open my heart.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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