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8:8 gateway

As our little planet is dragged by our sun through the arms of the loving milky way we pass through the 8:8 Lions Gate. This is an Ascension threshold portal. this is a moment of transformation and transmutation as the light of the sun hits the star system Sirius dispersing light throughout our planetary field. A potent energetic experience.

Sirius is known for its vast spiritual dimension of resource of wisdom in most ancient cultures. Through these light fields we each are exposed to DNA activations on a fundamental level. DNA is made of photonic light and so is effected by the energy frequencies from all planetary and cosmic light field interactions. Think of them as downloading key light codes to aid in our next level of quantum evolution. During this week we begin to integrate the bioenergetic upgrades as we are literally pushed to do so. Letting go of dense emotional attachments is paramount.

These streams of light propel effect our brain, body and hearts. This solstice opens up our heart to unconditional love via our crystalline spiritual bodies. ” 8″ is a powerful symbol of balance and within it contains the zeropoint energy of spirit and matter.

Take a few moments to pause, reflect, let go and integrate your higher self to the rest of the collective consciousness. Hold on to the vision of the future of our choice as we use our holographic minds to transform the virtual particles molecule by molecule of time and space into our reality of life. Hold your vision with love in your heart. Feel the energy of planetary activations through your self intentions.

This is just one of several potent gateways this year as we in our solar system travel around our great central sun. Enjoy !
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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