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Highly motivated

What does it mean to be highly motivated? To pursue ones goals regardless of the challenges that may come forth. To have been able to be mindful and balanced in being able to see how every challenge is a benefit and every benefit can turn into a challenge whilst achieving that goal.

If there is any part of the goal that is not fully visualized and that includes pitfalls and disasters then it will usually manifest. Yet to become highly motivated also means to be able to suffer those challenges even unto the punishment of death.

To be highly motivated means to be able to serve an ever bigger cause that is bigger than oneself and be able to hold that vision in ones mind as it comes to pass. If you look at every person who has been successful in a relationship, business, career, sport, or skill or in any pursuit it has been in the inspired state of holding onto their vision to be able to become something greater. To evolve.

To be highly motivated means to experience every possible outcome till the shape of what we hold most dear is created and manifest. Imagine those people who died in their pursuit of their ultimate goal, whether it is in sports such as car racing or climbing the top of Mt Everest or sailing to the ends of the earth. Each person who died was highly motivated and knew the risks of self extermination but did it anyway. Why ? Because they were inspired and in love with their goal.

How motivated are you ?
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