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Eyes of the universe

What do you see?

So an interesting story. I was walking in Atlanta airport trying to find my gate when suddenly my attention and focus came upon the eyes of everybody around me. People were looking left, right, back and front, up and down. Their eyes are the only thing I could see. Their faces became blurry but all I could observe was their eyes.

With heightened awareness I realized something beautiful and magnificent. It was the universe experiencing the material realm !! Through each of us. Just like in snorkeling or scuba diving, I would wear my mask and plunge into the water, and under the surface explore and “see” everything in all directions. So too was the universe doing the exact same thing except in this case was viewing the material relative world through the eyes of humanity and nature.

As I looked on spell bound something even more profound occurred. Random strangers suddenly looked at me simultaneously and held my gaze for a moment. In this instant the universe saw me, acknowledged me and I was looking at the universe and it was looking at me, yet even more beautiful was the fact that the universe was looking at itself as I too was the conduit of sight through my eyes.

The amount of time elapsed felt like an eternity as time was irrelevant and was non existent. Each of us is the universe witnessing itself grow and expand. I will never see a stranger passerby in the same way again. Each of us is connected in a special way for each of us IS the universe in divine expression.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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