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I find inspiration in everything around me. It may manifest in the chords of a song, or the words of a sign in the back of a car, or perhaps an advertisement on the highway. It may be in the words of a friend or a transient post that I may read. It may reveal itself in a picture or in a cloud in the sky. It may emerge in the form an experience or in the hug of a loved one.

Inspiration is the message from the inner knowing of the universe through the language of the universe translated from light. It is the magic that is around us at all times and only when we are balanced and centered do we tap into the this unified energetic field of cosmic intelligence. Like a ” bolt from the blue” the energy is electrifying as it awakens all the neurons and hormones that push us to believe,to create, and to manifest.

What we do with that inspiration is a choice. If we do not act then the inspiration is passed on to the next person. It is the universe attempting to experience itself through us. If we live in our fears and lower mind sets of doubt, anxiety, dogmatic ideals, or archaic values we provide resistance to the delivery of the universal message and so it passes on to the path of least resistance, namely someone who stays more balanced and poised.

You and I are part of this amazing collective power of the universe. An awesome mechanism is at play when we intertwine our own divinity with that of the cosmic being. That is what inspiration is all about.

( I was inspired to write this post based on this picture of a lightning strike in our local neighboring town during a terrific storm yesterday )
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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