Time is the currency by which we define ourselves. Imagine a moving car traveling from end of the street to the other. Now imagine you are able to fast forward that car going past you faster and faster, towards infinite speed. What do you then see?

If you slow it down you are able to make sense of what is in front of you.

In the vastness of our consciousness and throughout the universe of infinite expanse there is no time and there is no quantifiable space. How does one understand this seemingly unfathomable quantity of everything and where we sit in this cosmic drama?


We give ourselves a past, a present and future. We define events of our day to our lifetime. We give a timeline of history to our planet and human civilization.

Yet ironically we speed up our days through our illusionary senses and keep searching for ourselves. The faster we go, the more meaningless our experiences as we do not enjoy the moment of time that really matters.

That time moment is now. This moment. That is all we really ever have. We speed it up recklessly in hope of searching for something as we would fast forward a movie to search for a particular scene. Then when we do not find it, we regret “lost time” and wish we could undo it and reverse time to get back moments with our children or our youth or older experiences. Back and forth we play the video game of our lives.

What holds us back from our true potential is that we define ourselves by the concepts of time. Its amusing that time is what grounds us to this limited lifetime yet we are perpetually trying to discover our timeless origins.

When we finally realize the finality and infinite nature of time we peek beyond the illusion of time and perhaps for the first moment in our existence find a marvel.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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