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Getting angry at God

People sometimes get angry at God or the Universe and throw tantrums and blame the Source for all their ills, or rotten luck , or bad experiences whether financial or in relationships or in business or in life overall.

WE have all been there, in the throes of frustration clutching our fists in fury waving them up at the heavens for hurting us, or blaming others for the miseries of our lives. Looking outside instead of within.

Yet here is my take on this. The universe or God or Source has been there since the beginning helping in the wars, plagues or deaths and despair. Yet by constantly stepping in and trying to “fix ” things we as beautiful creations never learn. So by stepping back like a good parent it is about allowing us to make mistakes, and learn from them. Allowing us to learn to fly.

As parents being overly involved and hovering actually stuns the growth of the child and enabling. And so too the universe gives us the free will to make mistakes, learn, adapt and grow by giving us the breathing room to go through the suffering, the perceived torture and all the emotional baggage to be able to learn to spread our wings to fly.

When we discover that everything that has happened to us has really just been on the way to our destiny, and not in the way of our purpose, we discover that the universe has actually been working with us, flowing with us, co creating with us. When we truly see this for the first time, we unfold to the mystery of love.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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