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Rain rain come again

The other day I was at the office and everyone’s mood was down as the phrases ” I am so depressed with this rain” or ” I dont like the rain, it makes kids sick” kept coming forth. Here is my DOctors take on it.

The rain cannot make you sick. Plain and simple.

If you are on the brink of getting sick and you go outside and get soaking wet and your body temperature drops then your body immunity can possibly be more vulnerable to illness. The sniffles after you come in from a wet rainstorm is a normal body reaction. The coincidence of falling sick and a rain storm is simply just that, a coincidence at a time where the body immunity is lowered.

Even if you have 10 showers in your bathroom you wont fall ill. So its not the wetness that gets you. Multitude of other mindsets play a role. Stress level, dietary habits, sleep, exercise fitness capacity, life mindset , body temperature are all some of the key players in modulating the immunity.

I am water proof. I mean my skin is, so that tells me I was made to explore wetness. I do not absorb the raindrops and nor do I get bloated from it. I love the rain. I am relieved when I do not have to water my lawn or wash my car. But moreover it gives me hope. Hope that the universe is providing life giving and life nourishing water for vitality.

It grounds me.

Everything in nature is connected to this magic of water from the sky. Animals and vegetation and the earth itself, all need water. Apart from the slight irritation at having droplets all over my glasses, I find walking in the rain therapeutic. Why do we try to escape the water that falls from the sky, yet thrive to find vacations near a lake or beach. WE are connected to this element.

It is invigorating, magical, and powerful. The smell of the approaching rain opens up my senses. The rain charges them with the feeling of aliveness. It does not make me sick. It gets me more well.

How do you react to rain?
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Thank you for the perspective. I use to allow the rain to affect my “moods” as well … until I read this message. ♥️

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