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Light and darkness

” I am the Light and the Darkness.”

Within the light there is darkness,

Within the darkness there is light.

At times of confusion we suffer from a lack of clarity and hover at the center point of light and darkness.

It is not that simple to the ordinary eye to just choose light and shun away the dark, for the person making the choice it may seem a near impossible decision if made with a closed heart.

For it is through darkness one knows the light, and it is in the light that one knows darkness.

One path travels to our dreams and goals.

One path leads to our doom.

Yet sometimes we choose the darker path not because we are “bad” or “not good” but more because we may see the Light path as a tougher road to travel, and perhaps the darkness as an easier one. Sometimes the darker path is chosen not because it is safe but more because the Light path is too hard to get to.

Sometimes we may find that it is not that the darkness attracts us, but the light feels that it repels us with our feelings of shame and guilt that burden us.

We have all been there.

At the precipice of light and dark.

Waiting for a choice to be made.

Yet it is worse to not make a choice than make the “wrong”one.

Where once the light might be too hard, the dark might offer relief and refuge.

Where once the light might be safe, the dark path is destructive.

We are at the precipice of light and dark.

Owning both is the way to balance out the mind and bring forth the intuition that is the key to open the heart to the ultimate magnificence which is Love and Gratitude.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. So much truth here. Think about someone in the depths of depression, contemplating suicide. That is the ultimate darkness and yet it beckons as a welcome solution to all of the dazzling, light problems of life They are opportunities, yet in the moment, we see them as problems.

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