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Why crossfit kids?

Super pumped to announce that a new program, Crossfit kids is coming to Crossfit Swarm in Westfield, Massachusetts. I am joined by a group of amazing energetic and knowledgeable coaches in creating a safe, inspired environment for children to learn constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements that will help them in their long term growth and development including getting more skilled at whatever sport they choose to explore. We will be incorporating nutrition and enhance their life skills as we blend it with the top notch well researched programming.


It is said that if you have a powerful enough WHY, then the HOWs, take care of themselves. Well here is WHY.

As a cardiologist here are some of the statistics in the US. Despite the mortality rate from cardiovascular disease (CVD) including stroke, heart disease, heart failure and hypertension, peripheral vascular disease has declines over the last 20 years due to PREVENTION and acute care efforts, cardiovascular disease still remains the #1 killer in men and women. NOT guns, or cancer or alcohol but heart disease.

More than 1 in 3 American adults have some form of CVD, and in the age group above 60y 2 out of 3 men and 1 out of 3 women will have CVD. The PREVALENCE is RISING, at a huge cost to the health care systems. Infant mortality is reduced from an infectious disease standpoint, yet only to later cripple the human being with advanced CVD later in life. The influence of urbanization, and western diets and traditional lifestyles are increasing this CVD.

So if I can be involved in some way to help the next generation to develop lifestyle modifications through functional movements, exercise and nutritional and self awareness, they stand a better chance to be able to help the world and humanity by decreasing healthcare costs if already healthy and promote more wellness. Their increased longevity and vitality will bring more ideas and inventions and higher level of consciousness to the planet.


So there you have it. My WHY !

Interested in getting your little ones moving and healthier?

Want to promote better health in your LEGACY ??

You can contact me via PM or the crossfit Swarm directly.

Ages 6- 12 for the Crossfit kids classes And we have classes for teenagers too.

Don’t let this summer be spent on the couch watching TV, or video games.

Get up, get moving.

I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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